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10 Ideas for Your New Kitchen Design

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10 Ideas for Your New Kitchen Design

You are thinking of remodeling or completely redesigning your kitchen, but what should you include if you have a large enough space?

Naturally, the larger your space, the more options you have, but sometimes it can feel like too many options.

Don’t let that put you off however, here are the top 10 things we think a good, modern kitchen should incorporate. Of course, how they are incorporated is totally down to you.

1. Wide Open Spaces

It is easy for a kitchen to look cluttered, but having a large space does not mean you need to fill it with more things. The best designs use space to help balance points of interest and design.

2. Granite or Wooden Countertops

Now is the time to invest in high quality, long lasting countertops which will add both practicality and good design. Granite works well with wooden cabinets (see below) without there being too much wood on display.

3. Bespoke Wooden Cabinets

Your new kitchen needs many hallmarks of quality and none say that more than handcrafted bespoke wooden cabinets. They combine well with wooden, granite, and marble countertops, and will last you decades. You can have them bare or painted as you wish.

4. Diffused LED Lighting

Long gone are the days when a kitchen had to be lit by a single light bulb or even worse – a humming, flickering strip light. LEDs require less energy to run and less space to be fit, so you can install a wide range of long lasting spot lights to give your kitchen an even amount of light distribution.

5. Improved Plumbing

One of the requirements of installing a new kitchen is ripping out the old one. In stripping back the kitchen to its fundamental walls, you are able to get a plumber in to repair, upgrade, and install new plumbing as appropriate. There’s no point having a new kitchen with dodgy old plumbing is there?

6. IoT Appliances

How do you feel about smart technology? It’s not for everyone, but for those who like the idea, the Internet of Things allows you to connect your oven and even your coffee maker to your mobile phone or tablet computer so you can begin preheating when you are driving home from work or get a coffee on while you’re still in bed.

7. Larger, Deeper Sinks

Now is a great time to expand the size and scope of your skink. Get away from the one piece steel sink and drainer, and move toward having a large, high quality ceramic sink with a separate draining board next to it. 

8. A Boiling Tap

Speaking of mod-cons, the instant boiling tap is one gizmo a lot of people are falling for. It allows homeowners to brew faster teas and coffees, boil food faster and so on. However, do be careful if you have children in the house.

9. A Kitchen Island or A Breakfast Bar

You have the space, so why not create a more social area for the kitchen including places to sit. It could make your kitchen a great family spot for cooking and eating together; especially for breakfast.

10. Simplicity

Finally, keep it simple. Like with wide open spaces, the intricate designs and focal points work best if the background is simple. Whether you want simple white walls and ceilings or a more rustic feel, simplicity allows the good parts to truly shine.

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