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20 ways to organise your pantry

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20 ways to organise your pantry

Whether you are stocking up a new kitchen, a renovated one, or you are trying to make the best of the kitchen you have, a well stocked and well organised pantry is essential. 

This is where you are going to keep your long term and dried goods. 

The basics of your culinary experiments or day-to-day staples. It’s easy for these places to get messy, to be covered in flour and random bits of pasta, but it does not have to be this way. have released 20 pantry organising ideas which can really help any pantry look great. Here’s the ideas: 

1. Coordinate whatever containers you own

2. Organize your herbs and spices

3. Put your cans in order

4. Get clear jars for flour, grain, sugars etc…

5. Learn to love baskets

6. Consolidate all your baking supplies into one area

7. Consider drawer space within the pantry

8. Or using plastic bins for similar items you have in bulk

9. Add shelves to your pantry door

10. Label jars with washi tape or sharpies

11. Decorate with nice wallpaper to make the pantry more inviting

12. If space allows, use custom cabinets – similar to kitchen if your pantry is in a separate room

13. Consider open shelving for ease of access

14. Put blackboards or whiteboards on your doors so you can keep an inventory

15. Find ways and spaces for extra shelving space

16. Or spaces for DIY clip racks

17. Tile the walls instead of wallpapering if you want ease of cleaning

18. Turntables and lazy susans may make access easier for deep shelving

19. Bodge it with whatever you have at hand

20. Accessorise the pantry to give it your own style

Do you have any better ideas or tip you would like to share? 

Tell us what you do with your pantry and have you have organised it. No matter the tip, there are going to be a lot of people who would love to hear it.

As you can see from the above list, there are 3 main areas of pantry organisation:

1. The pantry’s design and layout: This starts with decoration, but moves on to practicalities like cleaning. Then there’s shelving – what type, is it open facing? Closed? Are you putting shelves on the doors or using slates, blackboards, whiteboards etc.. Think about ease of access combined with maximising safe storage capacity.

2. The organization of the contents themselves: This means dividing your pantry goods into different types. For example, have a section for herbs like oregano or parsley, and have a section for all your spices nearby. You’ll want to have sections for baking goods, for dried goods, cans, etc.. and an area for pasta, rice, and spaghetti.

3. What pantry items are stored in: You have a myriad of storage options. While cans are ok, make sure they’re not coated with toxic chemicals – the best things for storage are glass jars, but you can use other containers for flour or pasta etc.. baskets and low boxes are great for packaged items like packets, tubes, bottles, and so forth.

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