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Big Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Have a small kitchen but still hankering over a bespoke kitchen? No problem! And, better still, you can actually make that small kitchen appear much larger – thanks to some clever design and a few tips.

Colour your kitchen bigger

Keep the shades of your bespoke kitchen cabinets, worktops and flooring light and bright. That way you won’t feel as if the room is coming in on top of you. Don’t’ feel you have to stick to white and cream though; there are lots of beautiful kitchen cabinetry in shades such as duck egg blue and mint green.

Just make sure you keep everything consistent ie don’t go for two different shades of cabinets on opposing – or even the same – sides of the room. That’s because using different colours on such as large item can ‘chop’ the room up, making your bespoke kitchen appear even smaller on first glance. The same shade allows the gaze to travel round the entire room without stumbling on a stand-out colour.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have any bold or dark colours though. You could, for instance, have the walls a stand-out teal shade, or a bright red – just so long as the cabinetry the same and you run that consistent theme with the worktops too.

Keep those worktops clutter-free

You are fighting for space in your kitchen as it is, so the last thing you want is a whole range of appliances on your worktops. If you can, opt for integrated appliances, such as an in-built microwave, an oven which doubles as a steamer and a coffee maker which sits inside the pantry, ready for use. Make sure you have cupboard space to store away the sandwich maker, food mixer and smoothie blender when they are not in use. Everyday essentials such as the toaster and kettle can stay out on the worktop but, if possible, get rid of anything else from view.

Opt for open shelving

Opening up one section of your small handmade kitchen with open shelving can give you some visual breathing space – as well as add interest. However, the caveat here is that you don’t fill up the shelving so that it appears cluttered. Some choice items work well while, at the same time, it can be a great way to store and, at the same time, show off pretty dishes.

Light the way

The way you use lighting is crucial in a small bespoke kitchen. Forget the one overhead light – regardless of how much you love it. Instead think about spotlights for the ceiling (they’re much more on-trend, for starters) and consider under-cabinet lighting to open up the worktops. This is where you will be prepping and making food anyway to it makes sense to install task lighting here.

If you are lucky enough to have a window in your kitchen then maximise its potential by ensuring there is no clutter sitting in front of it. That means no plants or even curtains and blinds. Instead, allow the daylight to penetrate into the room, opening up all those dark corners and making the kitchen appear larger.

Other tips and tricks for small kitchens

  • Choose handless cabinets. Not only do these make the cabinetry appear smoother ie (it’s all about that eye-jarring issue we mentioned earlier), but it really does give you more physical space. And it means you’re not worrying about banging your hip against a handle when you turn around too quickly.
  • Invest in roller doors. Bespoke kitchen doors which roll up, rather than pull out, will certainly provide your kitchen with the sense of more space. It also means you are less likely to bang your knee against an open door!
  • Settle for a smaller sink. If you already have a dishwasher and don’t cook that much anyway, why not opt for a sink which isn’t full-size and will give you more worktop space?
  • Get glossy cabinet surfaces. The reason high-gloss surfaces work so well in a small handmade kitchen is because they reflect light. This, in turn, adds to the feel of a ‘roomier’ kitchen. There are so many gorgeous lighter shades around these days, which are intent on providing a clean, sophisticated and contemporary look for your kitchen.

Get in touch today

If you have a small kitchen then the above ideas should certainly help add space. For advice on refurbishing your kitchen then do get in touch with the team here at Classic Kitchens Direct. We would be happy to help. Simply call us on 01202 481177 or email office@classic-kitchens-direct.com.

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