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Contrast Kitchens are a thing…. Officially!

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Contrast Kitchens are a thing…. Officially!

Contrast Kitchens are a thing…. Officially!

For those of us working in the kitchen industry we see colours rise in popularity and then slowly disappear again and again, month after month, year after year.

2017 – was the year of Dark Grey, quickly moving into Dark blue, and so far 2018 for us looks like the year of “off White” (But only time will tell)

One thing for sure is that Contrast kitchens (Having two colours on your cabinetry) is here to stay.

They have been popular for some time now and don’t look like they are going anywhere fast.

Here at Classic Kitchens Direct we thought that this was just a trend, like all the others that come and go, but increasingly in Kitchen magazines and in kitchen blogs we see that it is now considered to be part of normal kitchen design.

So we thought we would explore this a little deeper and hopefully give some advice.

Our first thought on any kitchen that we are considering a contrast on is “Is the room big enough to stand back and see the contrast properly?”

If you can’t then I am afraid to say that a contrast kitchen just won’t work in your home, it would look like just two opposing colours and a bit of a mix up.

If the room is big enough or has a perspective where the full affect can be seen then great this can work really well.

If you can consider a contrast when planning a kitchen you would then think of colours and how they look in your room, and where the contrast should be?

The vast majority of contrast kitchens would involve an island of the more vibrant colour of the two, and the main (usually more sedate colour) would be on the cabinetry around the island.

This immediately draws your eye to the island and creates a “Wow” of this feature.

But not every kitchen has an island – so what do you do then…

Well we have seen lots in the past and if you have a combination of base and Tall units often the tall units are the contrast colour and this again can look stunning.

Sometimes there are no tall cabinets, just base and wall cabinets – in this instance usually the wall cabinets are the one to get the contrast colour.

Other factors to consider would be “what is going to tie this together so it doesn’t just look like a mismatch of two cabinet colours” – Usually the answer to this is the Worktop, having the same worktop on both will tie them both together and make it look like “it was supposed to be.” A great help is colour theory. Make sure you use it for a great end result.

One advantage of the cabinets we have at Classic Kitchens Direct is that if you get bored of the colour you can literally re-paint them in ANY colour! This means you could have a new look kitchen every year of you wished. That is if you can be bothered to repaint every year!

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