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Could May be the Month to Declutter?

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Could May be the Month to Declutter?

Traditionally spring has always been the time to have a bespoke kitchen clear out and get everything in the house spic and span. This year, of course, March and April have been bizarre to say the least. Now that we’re a bit more au fait with lockdown practices though, it might just be time to literally get your house – and bespoke kitchen in particular – in order. If so, here are a few pointers on just how to do that:

Break your handmade kitchen down into zones

Doing just one bit of the kitchen at a time – and doing it well – means you have quick results after all that effort. And that gives you the impetus to carry on and do the rest.

Get prepared beforehand

Make sure you have some uplifting music with a fast beat to put you in the mood for scrubbing and clearing. You’ll also need a couple of big boxes at the ready. One will be for stuff headed for the bin; the other for perfectly good items that you can donate once lockdown has lifted.

Unclutter the drawers in your bespoke kitchen by completely emptying them then make use of those two boxes! If you don’t have one already invest in a drawer divider so that you can keep groups of items separates. You know what it’s like when looking for the scissors and you’re faced with a big bundle of objects all strung together!

Next, take stock of the cabinets and give each a wipe down and de-clutter like with the drawers. You’ll be starting to feel really good by now….

Polish the pantry

Whether you have a bespoke kitchen pantry build into your cabinets, a freestanding pantry or a walk-in pantry, the drill is the same. Although, admittedly there’ll be a lot more tidying involved in a walk-in pantry! Still, first things first, get everything out and on the kitchen table or into the centre of the kitchen from where you can cast a beady and critical eye.

Check the expiry dates and chuck out food which is well-past it. If there’s tins that have been sitting there for months and you know no-one is going to eat, then put them into that donation box. Get all those opened packets of pasta and rice and pour them into jars with a lid so you can keep them fresh together.

Be frosty with the fridge

Remove the entire contents. Again, chuck out any food that’s past it’s ‘good to eat’ date. Include anything that’s been lurking in the back of the fridge forgotten about (yes, most of us have something – even if it’s just half a bag of two-day old salad). If there’s something you’re not sure about, then bin it anyway – it’s not worth giving yourself food poisoning for.

Next pull out the shelving and steep it in hot soapy water. Do the same with the drawers. Wipe down the inside of the fridge, scrubbing at any ‘stuck’ food that may have spilled from a tub or jar. Remember to wash the ice cube trays too. Vacuum the fridge coils.

Unclutter under the sink

The place where you have stuffed all those cleaning products – under the sink in your handmade kitchen can often get a bit messy. Not because liquid is spilling from the bottles collected there, but rather because there just happens to be a lot of them. Who can resist all those amazing claims for new cleaning products? Anyhow, it’s time to get rid of the bottles with hardly anything left in them. Next, put any bottles you never use into the donations box. Someone might actually get around to using those finicky fabric cleaning sheets that annoy you so much.

To ensure that under-sink cupboard in your bespoke kitchen doesn’t get cluttered up again it might be worth considering using natural cleaners now and again. It’s amazing what a few squeezes of natural lemon juice, some bicarbonate of soda and distilled vinegar can accomplish. It’s cheaper than chemical cleaners, often just as effective, and you’re doing wonders for the environment. What’s not to like?

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