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Creating a Pet-Friendly Kitchen

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Creating a Pet-Friendly Kitchen

Are you fortunate enough to have a furry friend hanging around your handmade kitchen or lazing in the lounge? It could be a dog, cat, house rabbit – whatever four-legged furball floats your boat – but you’ll no doubt have appreciated their presence during this pandemic.

When we can’t have our relatives and friends near, our pets are great for the odd cuddle every now and then, as well as loyal companionship. And, actually, many of us will have benefitted. According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) 25 per cent of UK homes had a dog in 2019, 17 per cent a cat and one per cent a rabbit.

If you’re the type of person who loves to always have a dog around, in particular then, next time you plan on getting a bespoke kitchen, why not make sure it’s perfect for them too?

Having a pet-friendly kitchen doesn’t mean going over the score and having dog-only areas, but it does mean incorporating their needs too. And making sure they can’t get in at anything they shouldn’t! I’m sure we’re not the only dog owners who have lost a meal or two along the way. So read on to see the kind of advice we give our dog-loving clients from time to time:

Cooking up plans for a feeding station

You’ve probably tripped over your pet’s food bowl in your handmade kitchen more times than you would like to admit. Well, why not create a place to store it when not in use? Simply make sure your cupboards are high enough – and minus a kickboard – for you to be able to slip the bowls underneath when not in use. Not a big thing in terms of design – but great for you and your temper! Or, get a special feeding drawer built into the cabinet. Meanwhile, talking about feeding bowls and floors…

Providing under-shelf bedding

If you have the room in your bespoke kitchen, then instead of putting in cabinets under a portion of the worktop or kitchen island use it for keeping your dog’s bedding instead. That way he or she will be out of the way when you are prepping and cooking, but still nearby enough to enjoy your company.

Thinking about flooring for your furry friends

Those bowls will tend to go flying when you kick them along a stone or polished vinyl floor unless you have rubber seals on the bottom of them. These wear away – or will be chewed away in the case of a puppy – but can be replaced fairly easily.

When it comes to flooring for your new bespoke kitchen though, as a pet owner you might want to consider a surface other than wood. This natural resource may look fantastic, and fit in with your country and/or shaker design theme, but it’s just not practical with dogs around. Unless, you are happy with an industrial or shabby chic-style look – because those claws will scratch the flooring.

Instead of wood, you will be better off with tougher laminate flooring or ceramic tiles. Not only won’t they show scratches to the same extent, but they are also easier to clean. Water spills from your pet’s bowl – or worse – can soak into wood and result in staining.

Keeping kibble and dog treats stored

Buying dog food in bulk and online is the least expensive means of keeping your furry friends fed. But large 15kg bags do pose a problem when it comes to storage. And that’s why inbuild pantry’s are a great idea. Not only can you keep the kibble in here, but it’s also good for a dog treat. If you’ve enough space you could also put in a box of outdoor dog toys, such as balls and a thrower that you can just grab as you head out the bag door into the garden.

Looking for a handmade kitchen?

Here at Classic Kitchens Direct we can provide that dream kitchen you’ve also wanted. That’s the one that fits in with the all the family’s needs – yes, including the dog. All our kitchens are built in close consultation with customers so that it’s possible to get the best possible results without compromising on style, materials or layout.

We have been in the bespoke kitchen design business for more than three decades and have learned to accommodate and incorporate many ‘unusual’ ideas within that time. But it’s made our clients very happy with the finished results. To chat about having your own bespoke kitchen designed and created by hand at a time to suit, then do give the team a call, tel 01202 481177 or email us today via email on

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