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Get Sorted with Your Kitchen Sink

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Get Sorted with Your Kitchen Sink

The humble kitchen sink may not be at the heart of a handmade kitchen in the same way as years ago. That’s because today kitchen islands tend to dominate the room as prep stations and socialising points. And anyway, most of us have dishwasher’s these days so the days of companionable washing and drying dishes side by side with another family members are over.

Having said all that though, the sink is still another big draw in the kitchen (where else can we find water)? And for that reason, its choice is important. Today, there are a number of sink and tap types to choose from for your bespoke kitchen. Here is a brief introduction to some of them right here:

Various type of sink to suit your handmade kitchen

Ceramic sink. Big (if it’s a Belfast sink), bright – because they are usually white – and a fantastic match for a country kitchen and shaker-style bespoke kitchen design. These sinks are great for having the space to allow you to washing several large pots at once, as well as leaving casserole pots to soak for hours.

Ceramic sinks are also tough and extremely durable so you won’t find many cracks or stains on them. It is possible to chip them with a heavy pot etc but this type of damage can be easily repaired. Ceramic kitchen sinks are heat resistant –definitely a big plus when cooking.

Stone sink. A sink made of quartz of granite will look stunning in your kitchen.It will cost you more to buy but thenthey do look great and are extremely durable (you’re going to have this sink for decades, should you want to). In fact, you might find yourself getting a whole new bespoke kitchen built around it! It won’t be the first time, nor the last.

Of the two stones – granite is the most popular. Its benefits include the fact it’s heat resistant, not easy to scratch or dent, and it comes in some gorgeous colours, such as black, steel grey and cream. You can even get teal, pink and purple should you so desire.

Resin sink. If you happen to be in the market for a stone sink but granite or quartz is pushing your budget out too much, then there is a less expensive option. Resin can be just as good-looking as stone – and it is almost half the cost. The downside is that it’s not as durable as the stone. That’s because it’s a lot thinner than granite or quartz. This type of sink tends to have a composition of around 80 per cent crushed quartz or granite, and the remainder made up of resin.

Again, resin sinks are available in a number of attractive colours such as charcoal, red, and grey – whichever coordinates best with your kitchen cabinets or worktops.

Stainless steel sink. Once incredibly popular, but nowadays not so much – especially when it comes to a bespoke kitchen design. Stone, ceramic and resin sinks are more on trend these days. But, having said that, stainless steel sinks can still be found. The reason for this is that they are easy to keep clean, lightweight and, like resin sinks, not expensive to purchase.

Stainless steel sinks look particularly good when coordinated with glossy kitchen cabinet doors. And don’t worry about them rusting; that’s just never going to happen thanks to the fact they have been specially treated. Buy an expensive stainless-steel sink and you find sound absorbing pads underneath so that the impact of fast-flowing water on the sink isn’t as loud as it could be…

Order your new bespoke kitchen today!

Have you already decided on the type of sink you prefer when ordering your brand-new handmade kitchen? If so, then that is a great way to kickstart the design process. If not, then don’t worry – we have a fine selection of sinks for you to take your pick from.

In fact, we will sit down with you and go through our brochures and web images to allow you to make a choice of cabinets, sink, fridge freezer, pantry etc. We can then talk about the type of bespoke kitchen layout that would suit you best. The consultation can be at a time that is convenient for you.

To get in touch with our expert kitchen design team here at CDC simply call us on, tel: 01202 481177. You can also get in touch by dropping us an email at One of us will always endeavour to return your call as quickly as we possibly can.

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