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Getting a Bespoke Handmade Kitchen for less money

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Getting a Bespoke Handmade Kitchen for less money

Reducing the cost of your Bespoke Handmade Kitchen


Many of our customers have been to some of the very high end kitchen showrooms, and fallen in love with the look and the kitchens they offer.

They then generally proceed to the next steps, do a design and eventually get a quote!

At this point most have a heart attack!

Some of the quotes we have seen from “High end” manufacturers are just mind blowing!

When we compare cabinet for cabinet often from some of the “big names” we are 25% of the cost!

For what is on paper a Better quality cabinet.

bespoke kitchen cupboards with open storage and black cupboard doors
Beautiful Black and White Handmade Bespoke Kitchen

If this isn’t enough to get you the kitchen you REALLY want, then there are plenty of other ways you can get the Cheapest Handmade Bespoke Shaker Kitchen!


Things to consider to achieve this and keep the costs as LOW as possible.


Keep to standard sizes as much as possible – We have two ranges – Premium & Classic

Premium features pre made sizes and designs, this means that we make bulk amounts at the same time and this saves a considerable amount of man hours, this in general means that our Premium range is around 35% less in cost than the fully Bespoke Classic Range


Keep drawers to a minimum if possible – Dovetailed Oak drawer boxes are both beautiful. but they are expensive to make and can really add cost to a kitchen, look at your design and work out where you NEED drawers and if possible keep them as few as possible.

Oak drawer boxes
Beautiful Dovetailed oak drawer boxes


Well worktops can range from Hundreds of Pounds to Thousands!

The Cheapest is Laminates – and these days they are really very good quality and also look great – for an average kitchen they can be purchase from £300 upwards dependant on size.

You then move into composites – these are man made materials and generally a normal kitchen fitter can fit them at the same time as they fit the kitchen, this means you don’t involve another company and keep costs to a  minimum.

These can range from around £800 upwards – Just one word of warning on these, over the years we have seen many, some are pretty good and work well, others, scratch easily and in our opinion arent suitable for a kitchen environment where people are likley to use knives etc.

Do some research and look at reviews on this!

You then move into Real wood  – these can be stunning and are a really tactile lovely material to use and have.

Cost wise they range from £800 upwards

The only proviso on wood is that you MUST look after it – if you do it will last a lifetime, if you don’t it wont!

Then we move into Granite and Quartz – In simple terms, Granite is a natural product they did it out of the ground, cut and polish it and  every slab will be unique – it can be cheap or expensive depending on Supply and demand.

Quartz is a man made stone – it is ground down to the colour they want, mixed with resin and pressed to sheets – you get consistency and strength on every slab  – Cost wise it can range depending on Brand and colour – but in general quartz and Granite will start at around £2500 for a small kitchen

Beautiful Worktops
Beautiful Worktops

Wall units

It has become increasingly more popular to lose wall units and replace with shelving – this not only means you need less cabinetry but it can look great also

Shelving instead of wall units
Shelving instead of wall units


Tiling has really fallen out of fashion recently – but if you planned on tiling, then maybe think again, you can now get sheets of material that can be used as splashback for a fraction of the price of buying and fitting tiles

Splashbacks instead of tiling
Splashbacks instead of tiling


We offer both pre painted and Pre primed cabinetry ready for painting on site.

We can arrange this or you can have a go yourself, it isn’t as daunting as you may imagine and as they are already pre lacquered inside and pre primed outside then there really is only the outside to do.

If you do this yourself on average you are likely to save between £1500 – £2500 in cost


What not to Scrimp on

In our opinion there are some items where the phrase “you get what you pay for” are really true.

Its true of Cabinetry – on face value often some of our competitors quotes can be lower – but when you actually come and look at the cabinetry and work out the cost of finishing then we truly believe we are the very best value in the UK

Handles – We see lots of Cheap handles – (usually less than £4 each) in general they can be pretty bad and often the lacquer will quickly come off when in use and show a different colour allow below – handles are the one part of your kitchen you touch more than anything else, its worth investing in a good quality handle

kitchen handles in a variety of metallic finishes

Lighting – we see lighting from eBay and Amazon regularly and often they are cheap – but often they don’t last more than 12 months, if you want your lighting to last like your kitchen it needs to be good quality

Sinks – A sink takes a lot of punishment in a kitchens lifetime – you need to make sure it can take that – make sure it is a good quality one!

beige kitchen with country charm
Kitchen Sinks

If you want to see more of our work why not look at our galleries on Houzz or Pinterest  

Or have a look on our Blog where we are constantly adding new pictures

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