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How Can I Hide My Appliances in My Kitchen

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How Can I Hide My Appliances in My Kitchen

How Can I Hide My Appliances in My Kitchen?

The kitchen is far more than just a place to cook these days. In the modern home, it’s as much a social space as a practical one, which is why open plan living and making the kitchen part of a larger space is such a popular concept.

It makes sense. Cookery shows on television have made more of us aim higher with our home cuisine, and if you’re creating culinary magic for family and friends, you don’t necessarily want to be locked away in a small room on your own.

And if we’re now allowing outsiders into our kitchens, just like anywhere we let our visitors roam, we want them to look as stylish, organised and tidy as possible.

But if the kitchen is increasingly a social space, what do you do with all those helpful, but also intrusive, appliances that push the ambience too far away from the stylish towards the practical?

Here are a few ideas:


Blend them in with their surroundings

This is one of the most popular ways to hide large appliances in our kitchens. Instead of showing the front of your fridge, freezer, washing machine or dishwasher, you can cover it with a door that blends in with the rest of your cabinetry.

Open shelving

Okay, so if they’re on an open shelf, they’re not exactly hidden, but bear with us, because things can be hidden in plain sight. By putting them on an open shelf, they can become part of a decorative display – and just as importantly, they’re not getting in the way.


open Kitchen Cabinet

Slide-out cabinets

Slide-out cabinets are a great way of making the back of some of your storage space just as accessible as the front. Deeper than they are wide, they are accessed from the sides – meaning you can use them as handy storage solutions for appliances that you may not use that often, but when you do, you want to be able to lay your hands on them quickly!

Charging stations

If you have lots of battery-powered appliances that need regular charging, rather than having them take up valuable space scattered about on your work surfaces, why not have a special charging station instead? A simple draw or cabinet with built-in sockets means that they can all charge away without getting in the way! 


If you have the space for one, an island is one of the most desirable of all kitchen features. It can also offer a host of new storage opportunities, providing the perfect place to hide all kinds of appliances that would otherwise be using up your work surfaces. And as it’s also adding extra workspace to your kitchen, this is definitely a win-win solution!

Modern Kitchen With Smart Speaker

Here at Classic Kitchens Direct, our expert kitchen designers can come up with smart solutions for all your kitchen dilemmas. When creating a bespoke kitchen, we work with you from the outset to make sure you’ve got everything you need. And, if necessary, that we’ve also hidden everything you don’t want on display!

To find out more about our bespoke kitchen design service, or to organise a free survey and quote, get in touch with the team at CKD today. 

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