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How to Design a Family Kitchen

Every family is unique. We all have different preferences, needs and likes. Some families are big, others compact. One couple may be just starting out, another looking forward to retirement, their kids all having flown the nest. It’s why a bespoke kitchen really is the only way to ensure you get exactly what you need in the busiest room in the house.

With a handmade kitchen you get to specify how much space for prepping or dining that you want, what your preferences for the layout is, and exactly just how much storage space has to be included. And if you’re not sure well, when it comes to handmade kitchens, the designer is by your side to guide you every step of the way, if necessary. In the meantime, you might find it easier to break your planning down into particular needs and wants, such as these:


Safety first

If you’re going to have young ‘uns running about then you will certainly want to ensure your bespoke kitchen is safe for them. One way is to organise seating for them at the end of a kitchen island – as far away from prepping and cooking areas as possible. A U-shaped kitchen is excellent for this.

And, if it’s teens you will be supervising – or attempting to – then, once again, site the fridge and microwave far enough away from the cooking area so that you can do so safely.

Meanwhile, for kids in the primary school age group it’s a good idea to have rounded worktop corners. That way it won’t hurt as much when they inevitably run into them while chasing each



Safety with appliances

Induction hobs are a great choice if there are young kids around. That’s because there is no flame and the ring itself remains cool during cooking. You might also want to get rid of the kettle in favour of a boiling water tap. It’s not easy for little fingers to twist and anyhow, it’s possible to buy a safety lock for it. If opting for an inbuild oven in your handmade kitchen then consider one which sits at eye-level so young kids can’t reach it.

Ease of use

If you opt for a kitchen island – and most of us do these days – will you be using it as a multi-purpose space ie somewhere the kids can do homework, you can sit with a coffee and magazine, andwhere you can serve up family breakfasts? If so, you probably don’t want an induction hob or sink as part of the island in your new bespoke kitchen.

If that’s not the case though, having a hob can be a great way of teaching kids how to cook, and supervising them safely, while sitting comfortably…

Then again, it’s possible to have two different levels on your kitchen island. The taller part can be for cooking on and the lower part for sitting around and eating.

Sufficient storage

Every family kitchen needs plenty of storage. Whether it is crockery, pots and pans, Tupperware or food, you’re going to need plenty. A walk-in pantry is very on-trend these days and can be as handy as a cave when it comes to storing cans, glass jars and dried foods such as pasta and rice.

If lack of space means it’s not possible to have a walk-in pantry, you could get your kitchen designer to build a wall-version and close over with a couple of large cabinet doors.

Maximising materials

Beautiful they may be, but there is no point getting marble worktops for your new handmade kitchen if you have a big family. Instead, opt for something practical that can’t be scratched or stained easily. Composite or granite worktops work well.

Wood – especially matt-painted – is best for hiding smudges and fingerprints, so works well for kitchen cabinets.

Wipe-clean ceramic tiles are good for back splashes, rather than expensive painted porcelain or glass versions. Subway tiles are modern, and hardy.

Flooring for your new bespoke kitchen should be hard-wearing and slip-resistant. Ceramic or concrete is perfect for this and stone tiles can look very authentic in a country-type setting. Padded vinyl flooring can look equally great and will be warmer on feet on those cold winter mornings.


Get in touch for advice on your new handmade kitchen today. You can call us on 01202 481177 or email and we’ll get back for a chat. Meanwhile, take a look at some of the fabulous kitchens we have already created for delighted customers at our website Classic Kitchens Direct.

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