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How to Design a Kitchen That Stays Tidy

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How to Design a Kitchen That Stays Tidy

We’ve all been there. One moment your kitchen is clean and tidy, and the next it looks like it’s been hit by a tornado. As the hub of activity in any home, it’s plain to see why kitchens are notoriously difficult to keep tidy. But perhaps your problem can be resolved from the very beginning – right at the design stage. 

In this article, we’ll be sharing how to design a kitchen that stays tidy, along with some general kitchen organisation tips for everyday upkeep. 

How to design a kitchen that stays tidy 

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  • Avoid grout: Choose flooring, splashbacks and worktops that don’t incorporate grout and are easy to wipe down. Grout lines can get dirty over time, and are just a bit of a pain to keep clean. Instead opt for materials like wood, granite or quartz which are simple to keep clean.  
  • Side-step mess with undermount sinks: The unique design of undermount sinks means their rim is installed directly underneath the counter – a hidden rim, if you like. This means that crumbs don’t get caught in this rim, and can be easily wiped into the sink without any obstacles getting in the way.
  • It’s all in the bin placement: Position your bins wisely. Usually, next to the sink is the best place to put a bin, though you may want to have another one situated near any breakfast bar or dining area to encourage everyone to tidy up. 
  • Sleek, simple cabinetry: Lots of intricate details or shapes will make it much harder to keep a cabinet clean, so simple is better in this regard. Cabinets are the heart and soul of many a kitchen, and here at CKD, we hand-craft bespoke cabinetry for customers across the UK. This way, you can opt for beautiful, minimalist cabinets that still suit your style, and most importantly, that are much easier to keep clean. 
  • Opt for easy-clean furniture: Upholstery is cosy, but it’s probably best left for the living room and bedrooms. Textiles are always going to be more difficult to keep unsoiled in a kitchen area, so instead opt for easy-wipe furniture materials such as metal, plastics and certain woods. 
  • Make smart appliance selections: Sleek, contemporary and stainless steel – these are the three features that will make cleaning appliances a breeze. Old-fashioned ovens, for example, with lots of fiddly push-knobs will take much longer to clean than a modern alternative. Just remember that before buying any appliance, consider how much work you will be giving your future self. 
  • Install pegboards and rails for extra hanging space: For that extra bit of room, why not make use of wall space by installing pegboards or rails? Here, pots, pans and utensils can be hung, leaving more drawer space for other items. 

5 kitchen organisation tips 


 1. Start by decluttering. If your cabinets are brimming with half-full marmalade jars or old condiments that haven’t been used in months, then it’s high time you got rid of them. The same goes for any unused appliances, which can be given a new home or taken to a charity shop. You’ll be amazed at how much space you can save.

2. Create stations for specific tasks e.g. breakfast station, hot drink station, washing up station. This way you avoid overflow into other areas and restrict the mess to one zone.

 3. Get smart with storage. Whether it’s emptying cereal into air-tight tubs rather than having boxes cluttering the counters, or whether you opt for storage jars, boxes and drawers, there are plenty of ways to make sure everything has its place without it taking up too much room.

 4. Use spare drawers as pantry space to stop those dry foods and jars from taking over valuable surfaces.

 5. Create a kitchen cleaning timetable – and stick to it. Everyone knows how quickly a kitchen can become disorganised, so creating a dedicated time to crack on with the cleaning will break the task down into doable chunks. 

For bespoke, handmade kitchens you can afford, the experts at Classic Kitchens Direct can help. We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of stunning kitchens, tailored to both your taste and lifestyle. Our craftspeople create cabinets that are made for you, right down to the final touches. We’re proud to serve customers across the UK, so simply get in touch for some friendly advice. 

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