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How to Give Your Kitchen That Country Feel
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How to Create the Country Kitchen Look in your Kitchen

Increasingly in the glossy magazines we have been seeing a shift towards more traditional “country” style kitchens, if pulled off well they can be stunning and really make a home cosy and lovely to be in.

But what makes a kitchen look like a country style kitchen?

The main factor for us is that it can’t look too “factory finished” ideally it will be hand painted, have “skirting style” plinth (Our P1 plinth) have T&G sides and a little bit of wood on display, whether that is in the form of open cabinets, glazed cabinets or tray spaces.

Wood really adds a touch of magic to a kitchen, and really focuses the eye and the heart on the warmth of it.


9 times out of 10 you will also see that country style kitchens have wooden worktops – see our previous blog for more information on this.

This tends to give the whole kitchen a real “working kitchen” feel and makes you feel you can get stuck in and start baking a loaf of bread or some cakes.


Colours also play a huge part in the overall look and feel of a kitchen.

The country look predominantly focuses in on the whites and off whites moving into the creams.

They can also often have soft blues or yellows to pull off the look.

Quite often they have an eclectic feel with a few pieces dotted in and around to add interest.

 This can be copper pans hanging, a ribbed sink, unusual crockery or pots on display, lots of different things.

Another great feature that adds to country kitchens are Stone flooring, whether it be huge flagstone flooring or stone effect, it really adds a sense of history to a room, as if it was always there and always a kitchen.

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