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Designing a custom kitchen is one of the most important projects you’ll ever undertake.

There is no room in your house that has such an impact on your physical, social, and emotional well-being. The family comes together in the kitchen.
From the kids doing homework at the breakfast bar, to the adults getting in touch with their creativity with a new twist on a recipe, to the neighbors dropping in for a chat over tea, to those heavy family talks at the table, it is the central hub of the house. It is where the most important parts of life happen. You want to make sure that your custom design will compliment and enhance your lifestyle, so it is natural to take time and research, even over-research, your options. One of the best tools for either of these goals is YouTube.

Most people know about YouTube celebrity vloggers, the ones calling up posh brands and demanding freebies, taking selfies from atop elephants in Thailand and dolphins in Fiji wearing full Kardashian warpaint and a flower headdress. But there’s another world on the site, a world of how-tos and interior design inspiration that can give you both inspiration and practical solutions for your own kitchen.

If you want to learn to keep an organized, Marie Kondo-style kitchen, there are literally hundreds of videos on that specific topic. Here’s a good one that might inspire you, or at least inspire you to watch some more videos. Be careful, the YouTube rabbit hole never ends!

If your style leans more toward Laura Ashley and quaint cottage, there are plenty of inspo videos for you, as well as many practical instructional videos that show you step-by-step how to, say, arrange a group of appliances in an attractive, rather than a scattered and busy, way.

If what you’d like is to learn how to clean and organize your new kitchen, YouTube offers up thousands of videos, thanks to the current craze for minimalism and the universal quest for organization. One of the best, no-nonsense channels is Clean My Space, featuring Melissa Maker, a Canadian cleaning company owner, and with a focus on using affordable, ecologically sound cleaners and materials. Some vloggers focus more on decor makeovers, some on cleaning, some on organizing. What you’re seeking out will change over time, so pick and choose whatever works for you right now.

Personality is a bigger consideration than you might think when deciding which YouTubers to subscribe to. Some vloggers have great ideas, but off-putting personalities, so that following them would be an exercise in irritation. Thanks to the sheer number of vloggers, there is always someone out there who will speak to you in a language that resonates, someone whose style is compatible with yours. I, personally, don’t follow anyone who wears full glam makeup to do a cleaning video, constantly and awkwardly hawks sponsored products, or who has a squeaky, Kewpie doll voice. Your mileage may vary. The search function of YouTube will provide you a catalog of channels and vloggers, so keep flipping through using keywords that reflect your personal style, and you will find your particular guru.

There are also a plethora of videos which do not inform. They do not explain. Yet they are still worthwhile. They are pure inspiration. These are the “Clean with me” videos, which may or may not have informative voiceovers, but are primarily just sped-up video of a vlogger as she cleans her house. The idea is to put it on and get to your own cleanup as the vlogger keeps you virtual company. It’s celebratory and can make cleaning go a little bit faster (though never as fast as the video!) and easier. If you’re prone to competitiveness, you might want to avoid these, as you will never catch up to the pro vlogger, nor will your contour remain flawless through 45 minutes of kitchen cleanup.

In short, videos can be a great way to find inspiration, get motivated, learn new skills and tips, and tour through thousands of camera-ready kitchens, one ten minute vlog at a time.

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