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Lighting For Every Aspect Of Your Kitchen Life – A Rough Guide

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Lighting For Every Aspect Of Your Kitchen Life – A Rough Guide

Lighting for every aspect of your kitchen life – a rough guide

Well thought out Kitchen Lighting has the power to transform a kitchen from a workspace to social gathering point with the flick of a switch.

Increasingly our kitchens are becoming more and more multifunctional as open plan living takes hold.

Cleverly planned lighting can also have an amazing effect on the look of a kitchen, it can compensate for low levels of natural light and it can also hide or shadow parts of the area you don’t want highlighted.

Most people make the mistake of leaving lighting to the very last thing, but this can cause problems as you are almost retro fitting it all, whereas if you think about it before you install your kitchen it can take half the time and give you a better result.

But where to start when you have your kitchen plan….

Firstly we would recommend thinking about possible activities in your kitchen and what sort of lighting you may want.

You will obviously need good lighting for the everyday aspect of preparing food in your kitchen, but will the kids be doing homework on the island? Or will you be socialising in the evenings in that area?

Under cabinet lighting has been a mainstay of normal lighting in kitchens for many years now.

Combined with spotlights above this is what you would find in the majority of kitchens in 2018.

However, individual spots in the ceiling strategically placed over areas you plan to use more can help to illuminate your space more thoroughly.

If you add a dimmer switch to these you then have the ability to soften the light in other times.

Along with under cabinet lights, which are available as spots, or strips and in warm white or cool white or even colour changing, you can enhance this even further.

More unusual places for lighting are in the plinth, above the wall cabinets to shine light off the ceiling or directly under the worktop to shine down the front of the cabinets.

All three can give different effects for your kitchen and add to the ambience of the space.

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