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Painted Inframe Kitchens vs Lay on Kitchens
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It’s the same with any big decision, you can see what you want in your mind, but the technical details are a blur. At Classic Kitchens Direct, we specialise in Painted inframe Kitchens. We take care of the technical details to help you turn your kitchen ideas into reality.

To the end user, it is a mere aesthetic choice;

Painted inframe kitchens
Do you prefer a painted kitchen with inframe cabinets and fittings, otherwise known as an inset cabinet, the frames around the cabinet doors and drawers are visible and give a real homely, traditional kitchen feel? Usually you will find traditional painted kitchens that have inframe cabinets will use exposed Butt hinges, the Butt hinge is the most commonly used hinge and comes in many styles, check out our full range of Butt hinges. If you prefer a hidden hinge, you can look at Concealed Door Hinges.

Lay on kitchen cabinets
Or would you prefer a painted kitchen with lay on cabinet doors and drawers? These doors fit on the front of the frame so you can’t see any of the frame exposed this leaves a gap between the doors. This style of kitchen allows more room for error so you often find more basic kitchen designs will use lay on doors/drawers. These kitchens do have a smooth clean finish, and use more modern Blum hinges to allow for soft closing kitchen doors. We find that the doors are prone to coming off the hinge and tend to require more servicing in the long term.

Handmade Kitchens Crafted in the UK
It takes a skilled craftsperson to build an inframe kitchen, every little detail from the inframe kitchen drawers and doors being perfect ensuring smooth opening every time, to the cupboard doors staying flush, imagine not taking care and ending up with a warped door that won’t close. At Classic Kitchens Direct we prefer the craftsmanship and quality needed to create your dream painted shaker kitchen. And will work with you to ensure the quality and finish of the end result exceeds your expectations.

Painted shaker kitchens
The inframe kitchen is synonymous with Shaker kitchens, the late 18th century Puritans, a very clean traditional kitchen design. Classic Kitchens are an award winning full lifecycle Kitchen provider, we have our own workshops, award winning showrooms and we love what we do. If you are in the process of designing a new kitchen, get in touch.

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