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Painting your Handmade Bespoke Kitchen

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Painting your Handmade Bespoke Kitchen

Painting your kitchen


Painting your kitchen is a big choice, you have options, which in some way doesn’t make it any easier.

At Classic Kitchens we see lots of options available on the market – some of which are literally completely raw and straight from the factory floor.

In our opinion you would have to be very brave or very Naïve to purchase a kitchen in this state, the amount of work needed to finish it from Raw is immense, and very costly.

That’s why as a minimum as standard we offer our cabinetry Pre lacquered on the inside, so this is ready to use and can just be wiped down with a cloth for cleaning, and Pre primed on the outside. Ready for the final coats of paint.


We have the ability and skill to be able to spray paint your cabinetry in our factory – on the final coat of paint we then introduce a light brush stroke, you may ask why?

Well its quite simple really, if you imagine a smooth painted product (like a car for example) if you are unlucky enough to have a scratch on it if you touch it up by hand it will stick out like a sore thumb.

Putting the light brush stroke in our paint means that when you do this with a small brush it will quickly disappear and become invisible.

This is great for a wooden handmade kitchen environment as kitchens will take a lot of abuse over their lifetime.


Your other option is to Hand Paint on site. We have contacts and links with skilled kitchen painters who can do this for you, or you can use your own decorator or even do it yourself!


So which is best?

Well there are good and bad points about both, but for teh very best finish we would always recommend hand painting on site.



Well there are several reasons.

*If we spray paint in the factory we have to use a water based paint – mainly for environmental reasons, obviously being water based constant exposure to water will affect it and slowly dissolve the paint.

Around sinks where spills can happen this can cause long term problems – and no one wants problems!

Hand Painting means you have access to the entire range of paints available on the market, we would always recommend speaking to your decorator to get their advice on teh very best paints and finish for your kitchen.

*Having it primed also means you don’t have to decide on a colour before it is installed! You can get it installed and try a few sample colours to see which works best in your room.

*Dark colours – when we spray paint we start with a white base product and add tint to get it to the desired colour – obviously the darker the colour you use the more tint we have to include to get it to teh final colour – this has an adverse affect on the strength of the paint as it is effectively watering it down with tint, this means that if you want a dark colour we would STRONGLY recommend hand painting



Interested in seeing more or what we do?

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colour swatches for painted kitchens
CKD Colour Swatch – Bespoke Handmade Kitchens in any colour



bespoke wine rack in blue kitchen cabinets

large woodblock dining table in traditional stylish kitchen diner room

bespoke kitchen cabinetry



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