Should I paint my kitchen cabinets myself?

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Should I paint my kitchen cabinets myself?

A kitchen is the heart and soul of a home, so we understand why you’d want to give it a refresh from time to time. And whether you’re replacing every inch of your kitchen, or simply giving it a lick of paint, there is probably one question on your mind – should I paint my kitchen cabinets myself? 

In this article, we look at the pros and cons of painting kitchen cabinets yourself – and whether leaving it to the professionals is the better choice. 

Should I paint my kitchen myself?

Before you choose whether to crack open the painting materials or get on the phone to an expert, here are some key questions to ask yourself. 

Do you want flexibility in your paint options?

If opting for a pre-painted kitchen, there may be restrictions of the type of paint that can be used. For example, here at CKD, we are a manufacturer and so are only allowed to use water-based paints – so when pre-painting kitchens, these may not be as tough or long-lasting as oil-based products or other paints available. That’s why we always advise customers to paint their own cabinets, as it allows total flexibility to choose any paint they wish. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to do the physical painting yourself. Once your new kitchen is delivered, you can then go shopping for the paint you want before hiring a local professional to do the practical work. We also have a whole host of professional painters who have been recommended to us by our customers who can paint your kitchen for you.

Have you got time to spare?

Painting a kitchen takes time – sometimes days or weeks – so you have to be prepared for your kitchen to be out of action while the job is taking place. And if you’re a very detailed-orientated person who is striving for absolute perfection, then the process could end up being pretty lengthy. This is one reason why getting a kitchen pre-painted is a more efficient option if you want to start using your kitchen straight away. 


Do you know what colour you want?

If you’re certain of the colour you want, make sure you paint a sample of the wood you intend to use first to ensure the colour looks the same on and off the wood. For an even more personalised service, professional handmade kitchen companies such as CKD offer an easy colour-matching service so you can pinpoint a shade that speaks to you and complements your interior design. Samples can also be sent to your address so you can see the final finish in person before making any decisions. So, whether you opt to paint yourself or via a company, colour is something that will be a fairly straightforward factor to control. 

Are you prepared to prepare?

Preparation is key and should never be skipped. If you don’t adequately prep your cabinets beforehand with primer, lacquer and anything else your chosen material requires, the final result will not be of high quality. 

If you don’t want the hassle of preparing your kitchen for painting, or are simply unsure of what preparation it will need, then a professional who will take care of every stage for you can help. Also, if you’re purchasing a bespoke handmade kitchen, it will be primed, lacquered and ready for you to paint straight away. This eliminates any setup or preparation, making the painting process a breeze. 

Have you got the right gear?

Painting kitchen cabinets isn’t the same as painting a nice watercolour. You will need proper safety and painting equipment, along with the ability to set up a dedicated area in your home that is protected from the mess of paint splatters. If you don’t have this dedicated area, or the appropriate gear, it may be more cost-effective and far less trouble to have a professional paint the kitchen for you, either on-site at your home or by purchasing a pre-painted kitchen. 

Does it just need paint?

Painting your kitchen gives it a new lease of life, but if your kitchen is very old and not functioning as well as it could, it might not just be a lick of paint it needs. Paint can only go so far, and it might simply work out more cost-effective in the long term to opt for a brand new kitchen. This way, you can modernise and personalise every aspect of the kitchen – from the hinges and colours, all the way to the final layout. 

Are your skills up to the job?

This is a big one. Ultimately you need to be honest with yourself and judge whether your DIY skills are up to the job. A kitchen is the pride and joy of many homes, and so a shoddy job is something that can’t easily be hidden. If you’re confident in yourself, then painting a kitchen allows you to have total control over every aspect, giving you exactly the look and finish you’re seeking. 

If, however, you don’t trust your DIY skills, it’s best to leave the painting to the professionals. This way, you guarantee a final finish you can be proud of. 

Here at Classic Kitchens Direct, we create bespoke handmade kitchens that you can afford. Whether you want a pre-painted design, or would like your brand new kitchen to be primed and lacquered, ready to paint at home, we can accommodate all preferences. Our team is always here to answer questions you may have – so to discover more about our tailor-made kitchens, simply get in touch today. We serve homes throughout England.

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