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Ultra Violet: Pantone’s New Colour of the Year Works Wonders In Kitchens

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Ultra Violet: Pantone’s New Colour of the Year Works Wonders In Kitchens

Are you looking for a quirky and daring touch to your interior?

Place your bet on Pantone’s new colour of the year and let the vibrant ultra violet shade capture your heart.

Eccentric and intricate, this colour is provocative and relaxing at the same time. It might not be for everyone but it communicates originality and imagination. Just like the nonconformity of those artistic geniuses who used it over time as a symbol of their counterculture.

Using ultra violet in interior design takes guts, creativity and visionary thinking. That’s why it might be the best colour for your new interior design forays.

2018’s New Colour of the Year by Pantone

A “dramatically provocative and reflexive” purple derived from a blue. Mysterious and fascinating, Ultra Violet 18-3838 is Pantone’s 2018 new colour of the year. A shade chosen for its originality and visionary strength.

Complex and contemplative, ultra violet is the colour of the depths of the Universe, a symbol of the unveiled future and of the profound mysteries that go beyond the known world. It is no coincidence that ultra violet is associated with spiritual reflection and positive energy.

In interior design, this colour is proposed as a bold choice that adapts to both traditional environments and modern spaces. A shade capable of adding individualism and expression to any room.

Ultra Violet for Painted Kitchens

The kitchen is a place of conviviality and usually the centre of a home. Using intense hues in the redesign of this space is certainly a challenge but ultra violet might find its way into the décor.

Matched either with neutral tones or with intense shades, this colour adds personality and transforms a dull environment into a stylish and distinctive space. Ideal for the walls of painted kitchens, ultra violet can easily become an essential interior design element.

Ultra Violet Walls

Bold, daring yet stylish, ultra violet has a great potential when used on walls. Or at least one one feature wall. The secret is in the ability to match it with other shades that can complement its extravagance or enhance its elegance.

Ultra violet pairs perfectly with the earthy and warm tones of walnut and moss but also with the intense shades of bright red or yellow.

A great way to reduce intensity of violet is to work complementary colours into your colour scheme. Head over to this handy colour wheel calculator and enter the hex code of Pantone’s new suggestion: 5F4B8B.

Pressing the split complementary button will reveal a nice shade of khaki and light chocolate that would work well with ultra violet.

In modern painted kitchens it is easy to create an intriguing contrast between ultra violet and lime green or chartreuse. These colours add individualism to a post-industrial kitchen design that focuses on the use of steam punk accessories and minimalist furnishing components.

To enhance the refined side of an elegant kitchen, combine the new colour of the year with classic shades of ivory, beige or cream. Wooden furniture varnished in neutral tones of brown, moss or greyish green can easily complement a space.

Ultra Violet Kitchen Cabinets

The new colour of the year also finds its way into the kitchen design through furniture. Modern and extravagant, ultra violet kitchen cabinets are an ideal choice if you want your kitchen to stand out.

Enhance the opulence of a glossy finish with light grey walls and dark grey floors, either in a small kitchen or in an open space living area. For a cosier effect, choose a matte finish for the cabinets and match them with warmer shades of ivory or light browns.

Two-toned kitchen cabinets are also a possible choice. Did you know that contrast kitchens are officially a thing? Ultra violet and chalkboard black is a daring combination for modern interiors. If you’re aiming to create a Mediterranean design, choose purple and white cabinets. Ultra violet and brown cabinets are ideal for those with sober personalities. 

Ultra Violet Kitchen Accessories

Ultimately, ultra violet kitchen accessories can give your kitchen an unexpectedly refined look. Match ultra violet tableware with the earthy shades of a wooden table to enhance the elegance of a classic design. In a contemporary context, an ultra violet vertical garden hanged on a black wall is a bold and nonconformist choice.

Whether used as the main motif in painted kitchens or as a stylish accent in elegant or modern context, Pantone’s new colour of the year can easily find its place in the interior design. Yet, where and how to use it comes down to a personal choice dictated by your style and personality.

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