Birch door
What makes us Different?
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In a very competitive world, it is often easy to decide to try and be the cheapest available.

But as your Grandmother would have told you, Cheap isn’t always better.

In the market place we are in there are several main competitors. almost all use the same materials as these are readily available and relatively cheap compared to the alternatives.

Birch door

For our Premium range we use Birch for the frames and Rails, whereas our competitors use Tulipwood.

Why you ask?

Well its quite simple really, its all about strength and durability.

Tulipwood is Ok….. It is technically a hard wood, but it is one of the softest Hardwoods!

It has a relative density of 0.31

Whereas Birch has a relative density of 0.65 – more than TWICE as much!

*Info from Hunker – What Is the Strongest Wood: Maple, Birch, Poplar or Ash? (

This in lay mans terms means if you bang it, it is a LOT easier to damage tulipwood than it is Birch.

Tulipwood is a cheaper alternative.


We also differ on what we use for our carcases.

We have opted for Oak Veneered Ply, whereas our competitors use Oak Veneered MDF.

This for us is a simple one, Yes Ply is approx 50% more expensive but its is immeasurably better as a material to make a kitchen from.

The water resistance, the strength, the durability, and the longevity.

Ply Cabinetry

If you have ever seen MDF get wet – you will understand why we have chosen this.

To us its really important, to our competitors, I am guessing profit is more important.


Given the superior materials we use  you may think we must be a LOT more expensive, but in reality because of a few simple things we do, In our experience we can offer a very similar price for cabinetry as our competitors with all these benefits.

Why not ask for a quote?

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